OOMZEE - A Child Security Application

OOMZEE - Child Safety Application

In-Depth Process

If we are honest we all do what every it will take to safe guard of kids from possible threats of being online. But as parents we have a duty to ensure that our children are safe whenever they are online. Our application designed to help parents protect their children from the multitude of dangers that they may be exposed to whilst online. Access to the internet has changed our lives forever literally placing the world at our fingertips. With unlimited knowledge, entertainment, work and social interaction now just a few clicks away, our lives will never be the same again.


But there is a sinister side to this online phenomenon and it has entwined itself deeply within it. Our desire to be connected has left us vulnerable to fraudsters, scammers and identity thieves or people who simply enjoy hurting us. Whilst we would like nothing better than to believe that our child is perfectly safe when they are online at home or anywhere in the world


The reality is quite different. The rise in social media applications such as WhatsApp and Snapchat means that our children are capable of interacting with other online users 24/7. This is simply not healthy. We have a responsibility to ensure that our children remain safe and respected when online without necessarily restricting their independence too much.

Our application is designed with this compromise in mind. The privacy of your children and the freedom to express themselves is essential to a happy childhood and this is something that we take very seriously. Unlike most other parent/child applications out there, It is not about control but rather about giving you the confidence to allow your child the freedom to explore their online community in safety. Whilst at the same time protecting them from 4 negative behaviour types: Clearly the previous figures regarding children and their online usage is critical to our application. But our target audience are the parents. In 2016 there were approx 2 Billion families in the world. If we take the average age that a child gets online via a phone or tablet as between 5/6 years old now the figures we are interested in becomes approximately 1.2 Billion families.

If we assume that the majority of these families have 2 parents or guardians either cohabiting or separate then our target audience doubles to 2.4 Billion adults.

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