Broadcast Services

OOMZEE - Permanent & Occasional Satellite Broadcast Services

As one of leading satellite data communications provider, we offer a whole spectrum of end-to-end Broadcast solutions, from Managed Playout Services to Disaster Recovery to Occasional Cast to Uplink / Downlink / Turnaround to meet your different needs. Through our sound regional knowledge, wide-ranging teleport services, extensive fibre network infrastructure and a 24/7 Customer Support Centre, we can help you manage and deliver your content seamlessly for fixed and occasional services at a local, regional or global scale.

Playout & Media Services

OOMZEE allows you to manage and deliver your Standard Definition / High Definition channels over multiple platforms that will suit your needs. With our experienced broadcast team and latest technologies, broadcasters can enjoy peace of mind when outsourcing their operations to OOMZEE. Additional broadcast services such as subtitling, graphical overlay, voiceovers, local commercial insertion, multiple audios and other value-added services are available.

Satellite Uplink - Downlink - Turnaround

OOMZEE provides uplink, downlink and turnaround services supported by more than 30 antennas hosted at major Teleports globally. In addition, our teleports provide seamless fibre connectivity, due to an extensive terrestrial network of more than 200 Points of Presence (PoPs) and multiple connects in 160 global cities.

Disaster Recovery

Damaging impact on communication networks due to calamities would cause information loss, business halts, and in worst-case scenarios the loss of revenue. At OOMZEE, we work with customers to design contingency plans to ensure business continuity. Leveraging on the capabilities of our partner teleports which are interconnected by fibre, TELNI can be trusted to provide you with site redundancy and manage your service backup systems. Communications between your critical locations are promptly restored in times of disaster to enable smooth business continuity. We provide Disaster Recovery services for Broadcast Playout, Corporate data recovery and Uplink/Downlink services managed by our 24/7 Network Operation Centre.

Occasional Broadcast

For broadcasters who requires occasional cast for broadcasting of special events, we provide quick and straightforward ad-hoc bookings of our transponders, fibre and teleport services. Our uplink, downlink and turnaround services are supported globally. Enjoy seamless connectivity as we offer more than 200 Points of Presence (PoPs) and multiple fibre connectivity in key cities around the globe.

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