OOMZEE High Speed Fibre Lease Line

Satellite Broadband Fixed & On-The-Move

OOMZEE - Taking you beyond destinations

OOMZEE provides satellite internet services to variety of customers worldwide, on land and sea, directly or across a solid sales partners network. OOMZEE controls a network of Teleport & Satellite Service Provider partners abroad. Relying on OOMZEE deep knowledge and expertise in communications, OOMZEE specialises in premium, dedicated high-level bandwidth provisions specifically for the superyacht world, and a suite of top services which contribute to making experience at sea unique.

OOMZEE deepening knowledge of the market entails full understanding of the importance of taking care of the entire chain, from day-to-day operations to crew welfare and, above all, ship owner and guest satisfaction. OOMZEE is a one-stop shop for whole communications solutions.

Build partnerships based on trust and accountability

We encourage our employees to be open and transparent in their approach to customers. Whether in solution design or commercial modeling or project management, we empower our employees to make the best decision for the customer ’s business. And, when we are at fault, we admit it and find a solution. This approach has led to 96% customer referencability - our technology brings our customers in, but our service keeps them with us.

Collaborate and advise

We seek to collaborate to improve cost efficiencies, introduce new services, and make sure we are continually aware of each customer ’s strategic initiatives. We want to best serve the customer and believe we can do that by making them smarter at their own business, not ours.

Always be available

Our customers are across the globe and across different industries. Whether a global trading firm with a 24 hour business or a small organization with few staff, we believe in 24/7 customer service. Our support teams are set up to ensure there is always someone available to escalate an issue to. In addition, we have a dedicated Client Relationship team who ensure all customers and partners are pro-actively contacted each quarter.

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